about 1000 days of inspiration

"1000 days of Inspiration" is a personal project by Yummii.

The project is based on the book; "You Can Find Inspiration in Everything. If You Can't Look Again" by Paul Smith.

Everyday, for 1000 days, continuously, Yummii has been set out to seek inspiration in anything. 

From Designers, to Youtube video's, to conversations, to events - Anything can trigger an inspiration.

The project started on 18th February 2011. 


day 1000: inspired by 1000 days of inspiration

We are each given this one life.

A life that spans between 30,000 - 40,000 days.

For 1000 of those days, I chose to actively see the world by the glasses of "being inspired".

I started this project as a medium to improve being a better design practitioner. I was a Project Manager in a Design team; our job was to create design experiences and conduct design research to guide us in connecting with our customers and designing for them, rather than for us.

I started this project as a fun way to collect a library of cool design and creative inspiration - Inspiration that I can use in my own side projects and to be inspired about work. 

What I learnt from the last 1000 days was more than "how to be a better designer". 

I got a taste into what it takes to be a master of living.

** On Love

I have never had a more profound relationship with the realm of Love. When one brings Love to anything and everything, no matter how tiring, no matter how testing - One will always find a way to make it work. In Love, there is no expectation. In Love, there is no attachment. In Love, there is acceptance. In Love, there is compassion. In Love, there is kindness. In Love, there is peace. In Love, there is creativity.

And Love... starts from within. 

I discovered for myself during this project that when I can Love myself, I can Love others. When I can forgive myself, I can forgive others. When I can be kind to myself, I can be kind to others. 

One cannot Love, give Love, receive Love if one doesn't experience Love within.

One cannot forgive others, let go of resentment and move on, if one can't forgive oneself.

One cannot be unconditionally kind to others, to give without expectation, to have empathy for another, if one cannot be kind to oneself.

Through this realm of Love, I know that no matter what is done or said about me - It is never personal. This experience brings with it so much freedom. When circumstances that I encounter that are unkind or seem testing; I can bring Love. Love will enable me to empathize and put myself in their shoes. I might not agree, I might not understand... and I can empathize.

In empathy, I can let go of any resentment or anger. In empathy, I am no longer trapped or bounded by the limitation the thoughts from the ego has created to protect itself.

In empathy, there is creativity and freedom.

Empathy is borne from Love. 

In Love, I realised the joy of expressing Love. I use to think that it was more important to have someone love you more than you love them - However this was not love. In that realm, that game is called a power struggle or feeding the ego.

There is nothing more beautiful than expressing your Love for another human being. Nothing.That experience of truly Loving and having the courage to acknowledge another for the incredible difference and contribution that they are in your life is really all that matters in this life.

When all is said and done, when we are 6 feet under - What matters is how much we Love; how we Loved and how we expressed Love. 

That connection with another human being, is priceless - and that connection can be generated at any moment in time, with any human being... and every human being. To create the connection; be Love.

Love is an active choice. An active phenomena. It is within all of us and it is limitless. Love is what breathes life into our passions and our dreams. It is the fuel for our mind, body and spirit. 

Love is this miracle that resides within our being waiting to be used up until our very last breathe.

** On being present

What I learnt on this journey was that we really only have the present.

The past has already happened. Whether it is good or bad; it doesn't matter it has already happened and you can't do anything about it.

To hang onto the "bad" moments in order to "protect" yourself is absurd; because no two moments are ever the same. If you're constantly devoting your energy to "avoiding" the negative; you'll continuously create it. It is a vicious cycle. Energy doesn't discriminate between good/ bad; right/ wrong - Energy just flows where your attention goes. 

To hang onto the "good"moments and constantly compare the present to what has been, is suffering. For your mind, body, spirit and heart are never going to be satisfied. The "good" moment has come and gone - It was perfect for that moment and time and nothing more. To constantly refer to "how it was"; "what it was like" or "It use to be...."... Not only is it annoying, it causes suffering for in that conversation with oneself, one can never be happy. Never. Constantly wanting something different - Something that has been. Suffering and happiness cannot coexist. You either suffer or you're happy. It's a choice. 

Being present, accepting what is, being in the now brings with it so much peace. Peace of mind is priceless. It is the most precious commodity that is within any human being. You can't buy it. You have to discover it. No-one can teach you. When you encounter it and meet it eye-to-eye, heart-to-heart - It is a powerful force that enables you see the beauty of your life for what it is and what it isn't. There is no resistance. 

Where there is no resistance, there is stillness. Where there is stillness, there is Peace. Where there is Peace, there is an unwavering power for who you are as a human being and what you are going to create with your life. 

** On Self-Awareness and Growth

I'm no longer interested in my opinions. I'm no longer bounded by the addiction to being "right". I'm no longer obsessed about "how I see the world and having others think the same as me". The thought of 7 billion versions of me is ... shocking! The world would crumble. We would have little Asian people who are obsessed with cartoons, day-dreaming and only buy things that are "pretty" instead of practical. We all have a place in this world. Yes, all of us.

I'm one of 7 billion - No-one died and made me God. This journey of 1000 days has enabled me to appreciate that each of us, each and every one of us is on our own journey. That journey is perfect to us and it is what we make it. I have no right to impose what I think another's journey should be.

No right. 

Sure, there are moments where my ego makes more noise than I am committed to and then I reflect and think of the bigger picture.

Everyone is doing the best they can with what they have. Who am I to think that I know better? No-one wakes up in the morning and says; "Gee today I want to be the worst version of me?!".. 

We are all doing the best we can. If someone's "best" isn't good enough for me; that's my problem not theirs. Rather, that's my insecurity or my ego that's the problem. 

The only person that I am to work on is myself. And only myself. 

Where my values conflict with another's, I have the choice on whether I interact with it or not. That's in my control.

I realise I am a work in progress and forever will be until I'm 6 feet under and no longer breathing. The older I get, the less I know... and that's so wonderful. I love being a student in this game of life. 

Meditation, Yoga and Thought Leadership moulds me into the person I'm committed to being. I don't have the answer to World Peace or World Poverty; however I know that I want to leave this world better than when I entered.

If I find Peace within myself, I can share that energy and that contributes to World Peace.

If I can find Love and Kindness within myself, there will be an experience of abundance - To know that I have enough; the experience of jealousy, competition and killing of another so I can be on top would be redundant. That little action will contribute to every human being in the world having enough. This means every child will have an education, enough food, water and shelter. 

Self-Awareness and the journey of growth is invaluable. There is such a sense of liberation and power when one knows that one is 100% responsible and accountable for ones life. No-one else. 

** On serving and contribution

I found that when the attention is off myself and diverted to "How can I serve?"; "How can I contribute?"; This is when I'm most fulfilled. This is where my passion finds legs and sprints forward. This context can shift any negative emotion or any negative circumstance in which I am swimming.

To serve, to live for a bigger purpose than ourselves demands a version of us that is beyond our ego. 

Our ego's role is to preserve and protect our logic and only ourselves. When we finally choose to step out onto the dance floor or serving and contribution, we cannot dance with our ego. We can only dance with our heart. 

To serve and contribute pulls forth a version of us that is unrecognisable. It brings forth an experience of humanity and connection - One where we acknowledge that each life is as precious as another. 

One can choose to serve at any moment, at any point in time. One can choose to serve anyone and contribute to anyone. Serving and contribution brings a fulfillment that money cannot buy.

** On authenticity, vulnerability and courage

It takes courage and strength to be authentic and vulnerable. Authenticity and vulnerability are the most beautiful facets of being human that one can explore. With it comes such delight and growth. With it, one can move mountains, create miracles and have the most delicious experience life. 

Authenticity and vulnerability is the access to connection with another human being. The connection you have with another human being is directly correlated to the extent in which authenticity and vulnerability is exchanged.

This is a realm and mastery in which I am still learning and still discovering. 

There are still area's of life in which I am afraid to share the real me for fear of being rejected and not "fitting in".

This is my journey. Being authentic about where I have been inauthentic is a start. Being vulnerable to admit that there is a need and fear in being rejected means I'm no longer bound by it's limitations.

And I'm still learning what it takes.

To live an authentic life, one where you have the boldness and courage within yourself to be vulnerable, to say "Here is who I am"; is a life I am committed to living.  

** On living 

I want to experience the fullness of living. The fun, the joy, the wonderment, the excitement, the passion, the love, the adventure.

This life I have been given is an opportunity - I can choose to be the master of my creation and "live"; or I can avoid all responsibility and live a default life - One defined by boundaries, rules and limitations created by others that I have taken on.

I choose the former. There is nothing wrong with either.

I choose to discover and learn what it takes to be the creator of my life. One where I'm the painter, the writer, the artist, the inventor and magician.

It is not easy and it is rewarding.

I don't want life to just pass me by and be list of checkboxes that I have to tick; checkboxes that I'm following as I don't want to do the mental work on what I want my life to be about.

Yes, I want it all and I want to do it my way. 

I want to be the Captain of my ship and the master of my soul. Not because it's a cool thing to do - and all because I want to know I gave this life everything. I loved fully. I lived fully. I lived with passion. I lived with joy. I lived with such a determination that was relentless.

I use to think that inspiring others was important... however I want to be inspired by my own life. Afterall, aren't we our longest friend? And if so, wouldn't it be easier and more fun to live with ourselves if we are inspired by what's possible within us?


This personal journey has been so rewarding. I wanted to gain the mastery in rewiring my brain, my patterns and my behaviour - This journey has enabled me to do that and so much more.

The human being that started this project is a completely different human being to the one that's at this stage of the journey... and that's exactly what it is, a journey.

It has never been about the destination.

This was the first project that I took on that was never about delivering something, getting somewhere, proving myself or gaining something.

It was a journey I authentically shared with no expectation. I had no doubt that I would complete the 1000 days; The fear was being true to myself, writing for myself and being authentic to me - even in the fear of judgement. It was never about getting to the end of 1000 days and all about bathing in discovering the undiscovered; entering into parts of my mind that I never knew existed and uncovering treasures within my soul that are longing to be shared. 

This isn't the end... this is just the beginning. 


day 999: inspired by a new home for our be@rbricks

Since we have moved into our new apartment, our collectible be@rbricks have yet found a home.

Today, we went to Ikea and found the perfect home for our be@rbricks. 

Having our be@rbricks out on display means something to us. It was the first gift he ever gave me. We would then write notes, use the be@rbricks to hold them up, take a picture and then send them to each other.

Collecting be@bricks is something we share and do together. We love these little toys - They bring so much joy into our lives.

So glad they finally have a home in our new apartment! They are no longer residing in a little brown box. 

I'm inspired by a new home for our be@rbricks. I'm inspired by the smile they bring to our faces and the joy they bring into our lives. 


day 998: inspired by the gift of peonies

A friend needed help today on creating paper flowers. I offered to make time to assist her. However for me, it was very welcomed as I saw it more to assist me. I knew being able to take some time out from sewing and making headpieces would be good. As much as I love it - It would be nice to take an hour away. I've been so wrapped up with work lately that doing something to contribute to another would be nurturing for my soul. 

My friend arrived with these gorgeous peonies and delightful baked goods from Adriano Zumbo.

WOW! I thought...

Oh they flowers made me smile.. Peonies are my favourite. They bloom and share with the world the magic of love and joy. It was such a beautiful gift. Such a perfect gift. Such a gift that filled my heart with so much goodness. 

The gorgeous peonies are now in a vase and blooming. They are the first thing we notice when we walk through our front door. What a beautiful sight to come home to.

I'm inspired by the gift of peonies. I'm inspired by her generosity, her kindness and her caring nature. I'm inspired by how much joy peonies bring me - I'm inspired by having the beauty and gift of mother nature in our home. 


day 997: inspired by the stillness

I haven't done yoga in a week. I have allocated my time elsewhere and there is a sense that I have been attached to outcomes and I know my mind hasn't been present - Instead it has been jumping way ahead into the future constantly; even knowing that the future doesn't exist.

Today, I know I had all the headpieces to create and send off to the magazine however, I knew that something needed to give. To be attached and be at the mercy of my circumstances (which I feel as though I have been) doesn't work. I knew that even if I missed out on yoga, my productivity wouldn't of been as effective. Effectiveness is never an essence of time. It is based on how still one's mind is...lately my mind hasn't been so still and I knew that was why I was working extra long and ridiculous hours to produce what I needed to produce. 

They say, if you don't have time to meditate for 15 minutes, you should really meditate. If you really really really think you are way too busy to meditate and 15 minutes is just impossible - then you should meditate for days. 

It is the mastery of being able to bring your mind back to the present moment and knowing that we are not our circumstances, our work and our schedule. Our worthiness and sense of fulfillment is not about what we have achieved in reality. To base our sense of worth and fulfillment on external circumstances is short term. There, happiness and gratitude isn't sustainable.

A healthier and sustainable sense of self, self-worth and fulfillment comes from within. It is the conversations we have with ourselves. It is the relationship we have with ourselves. It is a result from how we nurture our mind, body and spirit. 

As I stretched, balanced and could hear my breathe, a stillness was flowing through and a centeredness that I haven't felt in a few weeks was being embraced by my body. 

I felt relaxed. I felt nurtured. I felt at peace.

I'm inspired by the stillness. I'm inspired by having my palms together at my third-eye-centre to think good thoughts, my palms together on my lips to speak words of kindness and m palms together at my heart centre to express love. Today's "Namaste" was a renewed experience of living. 


day 996: inspired by storytelling

It is 7:15am and the team is getting ready for our huge day ahead. Capturing the essence of Brigitte Bardot.

I'm at breakfast and I'm having a conversation with our photographer. She asked me how did Brigitte Bardot become our muse?

I shared with her my interpretation and my connection to Brigitte's story.

I said;

"I'm inspired by her passion and creativity as a woman. Brigitte was all woman. She wasn't afraid to love. One of her quotes was 'Do you have to have a reason to love?'. When I read this, I smiled. I can see that a human being who has a context about love with so much freedom and expression is someone that I aspire to be. In today's society, I feel as though as human beings, our barriers to love, express love and be accepting of love is really high - and we don't know that we don't know that these barriers exist. We have turned Love into something really complicated and limited to the few lucky ones. Brigitte wasn't afraid to love. She was expressive - She wasn't afraid to embrace her femininity in all it's glory. The sensual, the all-encompassing passion and the remarkable freedom of expression. I believe her essence is within all of us. In this story, I wanted to share her essence... and have the images connect to the viewer to unleash a part of ourselves that is connected to Brigitte. I believe that there is an essence of Brigitte Bardot in all of us. One that Loves freely"...

As we sat there sharing our thoughts and philosophies on life, our wonderful photographer who has a background in cinematography shared;

"We all have stories within us. We just have to tell them. It's amazing what stories that are in us that are never expressed. Our stories can inspire and evoke emotion. They can be moving and they can be so creative.."

I'm inspired by storytelling. I'm inspired by all the stories that are within us waiting to be told. Stories within us waiting to be shared. Stories within us waiting to be discovered. 


day 995: inspired by throwing my hat over the fence

Today I got an email from a prominent leading magazine requesting some headpieces by Friday for a photoshoot to be a part of their magazine.

I am heading to the Hunter Valley in a few hours, at a photoshoot all day Wednesday arriving home late in the evening. Generally, I'm spent after photoshoots. I would have to find the energy to create the headpieces on Thursday and send them out in the afternoon.

As I read the email - My head said "No. It's impossible - Let it go. You're way too busy and tired" ....and my heart said "Throw your hat over the fence and find a way. Fly...! You'll find a way to make it work."

I haven't had much sleep lately and pretty much running on adrenalin. 

Instead of replying to the email, I called the sender. 

The moment I heard a voice on the other side, I committed. I chose my heart over my head. 

After the phone call, I felt a sense of exhilaration and I said to myself; "It will all work out. It will work out the way it's meant to work out." 

I'm inspired by throwing my hat over the fence. I'm inspired by finding a way to make it all work out. I'm inspired by making it all work out. 


day 994: inspired by seeing my products in store

Today, I delivered some headpieces to Yummii&I's second stockist in Sydney, Fox & Dove

Wow. The experience of delivering my handcrafted headpieces and knowing that it is out there for the world to see is really exciting. As I walked into the store with my packaging and my lovingly created accessories, my heart was jumping and my soul was giddy. 

I've been working on this label full-time since April 2012 and to witness and be a part of the journey of the growth has been really fulfilling.

I remember this time last year, I had headpieces exhibited at a Rocks Pop-Up Design store. To look back and see the progress of the label is really rewarding.

I'm inspired by seeing my products in store. I'm inspired by the growth, the journey and the experience of fulfillment. 



day 993: inspired by Brigitte Bardot

I am co-producing a photoshoot that is to be held in a few days. Our muse, Brigitte Bardot.

Before creating this story, I admired Brigitte Bardot for her womanly essence, her sense of style and the impact she had on women all around the world - Her legacy still lives on today. 

As I started researching about the 1960s, her movies, her roles, her influences - I delve into the world of a remarkable woman. One who loves freely, who isn't afraid to express herself, who isn't limited by her limitations.

Her creativity and artistry was captivating. Her style and essence is flawless. Her heart, soul and being - Extraordinary, loving and all-embracing.

I'm inspired by Brigitte Bardot. I'm inspired by her being. I'm inspired by our muse for our story.


day 992: inspired by tetris at home

We haven't done housework in weeks as it has been taken over by fabrics, sewing and production of headpieces.

I've had deliveries of huge packaging boxes which have had a temporary home in our doorway and we haven't been able to find a place to store it.

After clearing most of the fabrics, threads and remnants - our home started looking like a home again. There was space to walk around..... and then there were the 4 huge packaging boxes. 

John has this particular way in which he sees space and is the king of organising and playing tetris with real life items. 

I thought I would channel that way of thinking :)

I started looking around the studio and our storage cupboard to see how I can move things around to make room for the packaging boxes. I started doing my own version of "cupboard-tetris". It took a lot longer than I thought however it was sooooo fulfilling when all the packaging was stored away and out of sight. We now had walking space in our entry way and weren't being greeted with 4 large brown shabby boxes. 

I'm inspired by tetris at home. So fulfilling having a clean home!... (and being able to see the floor again!).


day 991: inspired by the extravagance of it all 

Tonight, is our Black Tie Gatsby inspired Christmas soiree with our friends. 

We are all to dress up, glam up and bathe in the extravagance of the 1920s. 

It was all very exciting! 

I'm inspired by the extravagance of it all! I'm inspired by the fun and delight of dressing up. I'm inspired by channelling the elegance of a Gatsby soiree. 



day 990: inspired by the experience of late-night shopping

It has been years since I have gone late-night shopping. I generally buy what I need online and I can't remember the last time John and I went shopping.

Tonight, we wandered around Westfield Centrepoint. It was really nice wandering in and out of the stores, touching the fabrics and seeing the clothes in person. 

I'm inspired by the experience of late-night shopping. It was a nice change from doing all our shopping online!


day 989: inspired by workability

Today I had the gift of an amazing afternoon with my coach and her beautiful children. Her wisdom, her stand for workability, her incredible presence of bold leadership always inspires me.

One of the most powerful tools and mantras she shared was; "Give up the right to make others wrong. Give up the right to make anything wrong. Yourself, others, circumstances.". 

She shared that when she made this declaration as a promise to herself; the way she saw the world and herself shifted. The way she interacted with the world shifted.

When I first heard this, I thought; "WOW!... How would you do that?! Not blame anyone, anything or yourself? Give up the right to make anything wrong? You would have to be a saint..!"

She said that when she made this declaration, it wasn't as hard as she thought. The declaration gave her a realm of freedom. She knew that within this promise, she can alter and make anything work. For if you blame someone, make someone wrong, blame yourself, make yourself wrong, blame a circumstance or make the circumstance wrong - You are trapping yourself. Inside "make wrong" nothing can shift, nothing can alter.

In 2009, I took on this declaration and made it my own. I promised myself to give up the right to make anything wrong.... and it was a lot easier than I thought. 

As we sat there conversing about the liberation of not viewing the world through the filters of right vs wrong; I asked her; "How does she do this in regards to parenting?"

In the world of parenting there is; "Don't do this" and "Don't do that"; "You are not allowed", "That is wrong". 

My coach said; "Well, I don't tell them that they can't do anything or that they are not allowed to. I explain to them about workability. If they do something that isn't 'workable', I talk them through that. I ask them to think about their actions and whether it works or not.. and ask them to think about why it doesn't work and the impact it may have on themselves and others. Isn't it always just about workability?" 

That was the most powerful realm of parenting I have ever heard. What my coach shared applies to every experience of life.

I'm inspired by workability. I'm inspired by the possibility, the power and the freedom. 


day 988: inspired by 5am

It was only a few months ago that I remembered the mantra "Love Hard Work"; a piece of wisdom passed onto me by my leadership coach a few years ago.

Lately, I've been throwing my hat over the fence and finding a way to get it. I've been taking it a day at a time and have been given the most amazing opportunities - most of which I don't know how to fulfill the moment I take on the challenge.

It's been testing, tiring and humbling. It has been a roller-coaster ride of learning, growth and stumbling.

Lately, 5am seems to be my favourite hour. Either working all night and working till 5am or making some time to sleep and waking up at 5am to start work. 

Nothing substitutes for hard-work.

I'm not promoting working with such intensity such that your health is taking a back-seat or working towards burning one-self out; what occurred to me with working at this intensity is the power of hard-work, choice and determination. 

I'm resolved for myself that I chose this journey of being a start-up designer; entering an industry and a market with no formal training and working it out a day-at-a time. Within this realm and this foundation, working hard is a natural ingredient. 

There is no experience of sacrifice. There is no experience of expectation. There is no experience of being unfair. 

There is no where-else I would rather be. There is no other experience I would trade this for. 

I love this experience of working really hard at something I believe in, not knowing how it's all going to work out. 

As a human being we are conditioned to only give if there is a return; to push the opportunity of failure away; to set expectations and get back; and to only take calculated risks.

It is such a liberating experience to give and not know if there is a return; to embrace the opportunity of failure; to let go of expectations - of myself and of the business... and to just take risks. Let go of calculating risks. Just. Take. The. Risk.

I'm inspired by 5am. I'm inspired by the opportunity of working hard. I'm inspired by the opportunity of giving everything, everything. I'm inspired by giving my heart and soul towards something I believe in. 


day 987: inspired by my very own agent

"Next year, all the projects that you want to take on, create and meetings are to come through to me. You need to re-focus... Instead of taking on things that don't serve you".... He said.

John and I were having a conversation in the car about my schedule. Admittedly, it's really full and things are scheduled out 6 months in advance... and I'm still somewhat just surviving. 

I haven't had a full weekend in months. Most weekends this year have been spent working or partially working.

What I am currently doing is not really working for my well being. Most days I skip lunch or eat at 3pm. Eating well hasn't been a priority.

I don't say "yes" to everything however I do say "yes" to opportunities and options that aren't necessarily fulfilling or forwarding my commitments. 

To have someone that reminds me of my vision and ensures I don't deviate from my dreams is exciting.

I'm inspired by my very own agent. I'm inspired by the empowerment of focus and vision. 


day 986: inspired by 3.0

Today is our 3.0. It is our 3 year anniversary.

We celebrated our anniversary by checking out Sculptures by the Sea. It was where we had our first "date" and we have attended this outdoor exhibition annually since we have been together. 

I love spending time with him. Around him there is so much laughter. There is an experience of joy, delight and warmth.

What I love most about loving him is that he allows me the freedom and the space to love the way I know best. He allows me the space and freedom to be "me"; discover "me" and learn about "me". 

Around him, there is an experience of acceptance. I don't experience being ridiculed, being made wrong or being inadequate. I don't experience him "wanting" me to be another way. I experience that he accepts me for just the way I am - and all the ways I'm not. 

Our relationship allows me to be creative - creative in love, language and conversation. 

Our relationship allows me to grow, to be authentic, to be vulnerable and to practice the mastery of choosing Love as an active phenomena. 

Our relationship allows me to work on me. Just me. There is a safe space in which I can make mistakes, fumble and learn. There is a safe space to dance in chaos, make friends with my past and create brand new futures free from the limitations of my past. 

Within this relationship there is Love - Romantic, Friendship, Companionship and the appreciation for our individuality. We couldn't be more different and yet there are some facets in which we are identical.

Through him, I learnt the miracle of what it is to truly Love and be open to Love. To let my guard down, to know that I'm can turn to him to ask for help... to open my soul and my spirit with freedom and peace. 

He listens to my meanderings about the Universe; theories and philosophies on living; and constant questions about how things work - He does this without any loss of enthusiasm each and every time.

I'm grateful for him. I'm grateful to the remarkable contribution he is in my life. I'm grateful for his generosity, his kindness and his compassion. I'm grateful for his understanding, his comfort and his love.

I'm inspired by 3.0. I'm inspired by the opportunity of mastering and choosing Love. I'm inspired by who he is for me.