about 1000 days of daring greatly

"1000 days of Daring Greatly" is a personal project by Yummii

The project is based on the book; "Daring Greatly" by Brene Brown

For 1000 days, Yummii has set out to take action and be in the arena of her life. She is to discover the realm of Daring Greatly.

Her journey is about discovering courage, vulnerability, and ultimately, mastering the art of living wholeheartedly - and being wholehearted.

Entries in The Untethered Soul (2)


Day 294: Daring to discover the lesson

"Your life is your biggest teacher. Everything is a teaching moment and is an opportunity to take you home to yourself." - These were the words shared by Oprah on an interview.

I had a conversation with someone that I held in high regard and respected. In the conversation, the person shared their disapproval and contempt around my parenting choices. They had an opinion that I was a bad parent and I didn't have Avery's best interest at heart.

It was hard listening to the words that were spoken. The venomous energy permeated the air around me.

I believe this interaction was an opportunity for me to understand what it takes to be wholehearted.

In the Asian culture, it is instilled within you to never talk back - children are not allowed to have an opinion. At 35, this programming still impacts me - I feel like a child when I'm around another person who shares my parent's age or older. 

The harshness of the words were borne from a place of loneliness, resentment, and emptiness. You can only give what you have - and if you don't have love within you, you can't give love.

Despite, knowing that whatever the person was projecting onto me was their own reality, their words still cut deep. My heart was shaken.

I had a choice - to listen to their truth; or stand in my truth.

I roared back, standing in my truth. It took everything to "talk back". 

"What is this event teaching me?".

For the first time, I truly felt the significance of being wholehearted - and what happens when you're not.

It uncovered an opportunity for healing that I didn't know I needed.... And, it was a lesson in courage - defying what I have been taught and standing up for what I believe in - me.

In the book, The Untethered Soul by Michael Singer, I learnt that, if you truly know who you are and know that you are unbounded and your true essence is love, nothing would disturb you.

This conversation disturbed my heart. The lesson, an opportunity to discover a new level of wholeness.


Day 252: Daring to look within

I am currently re-reading "The Untethered Soul" by Michael Singer.

In the last week, I have noticed a "disturbance" within my peace of mind and centeredness when having conversations around specific people.

In the moment where I can feel my heart contract and my breathing gets shallow - as a reaction to something that was said, I do my best not to linger on in the conversation and change the subject or actively choose not to entertain it there and then.

However, the distaste lingers. 

The disturbance is felt. I keep thinking about what was said, and then observing how it occurred to me, how I perceived it - and as much as I was 'trying' to own my own experience of it, the annoyance lives on.

As I'm re-reading The Untethered Soul, it mentions disturbances of the heart are only triggered where there is fear. Be someone that is willing to look deeper within and ask 'what is it that is being disturbed?'; 'where is the fear coming from?'. Fear is what holds us back from the experience of being whole.

This is the journey of what it takes to become wholehearted. 

When we are 'disturbed' or rather, the heart is 'disturbed', we have an opportunity to ask ourselves and look within; 'What is it that is triggered?'

I looked within; the disturbance was caused by the fear of not being loved and accepted. The fear of not being approved or validated. This is caused by a belief that 'I am not whole'.

For if one is whole, this fear wouldn't be in existence. 

Awareness leads to clarity. Clarity leads to making powerful choices.

As I confronted what was within, the disturbance I felt vanished. I could feel it leaving and I could feel myself let-go.