about 1000 days of daring greatly

"1000 days of Daring Greatly" is a personal project by Yummii

The project is based on the book; "Daring Greatly" by Brene Brown

For 1000 days, Yummii has set out to take action and be in the arena of her life. She is to discover the realm of Daring Greatly.

Her journey is about discovering courage, vulnerability, and ultimately, mastering the art of living wholeheartedly - and being wholehearted.

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Day 294: Daring to discover the lesson

"Your life is your biggest teacher. Everything is a teaching moment and is an opportunity to take you home to yourself." - These were the words shared by Oprah on an interview.

I had a conversation with someone that I held in high regard and respected. In the conversation, the person shared their disapproval and contempt around my parenting choices. They had an opinion that I was a bad parent and I didn't have Avery's best interest at heart.

It was hard listening to the words that were spoken. The venomous energy permeated the air around me.

I believe this interaction was an opportunity for me to understand what it takes to be wholehearted.

In the Asian culture, it is instilled within you to never talk back - children are not allowed to have an opinion. At 35, this programming still impacts me - I feel like a child when I'm around another person who shares my parent's age or older. 

The harshness of the words were borne from a place of loneliness, resentment, and emptiness. You can only give what you have - and if you don't have love within you, you can't give love.

Despite, knowing that whatever the person was projecting onto me was their own reality, their words still cut deep. My heart was shaken.

I had a choice - to listen to their truth; or stand in my truth.

I roared back, standing in my truth. It took everything to "talk back". 

"What is this event teaching me?".

For the first time, I truly felt the significance of being wholehearted - and what happens when you're not.

It uncovered an opportunity for healing that I didn't know I needed.... And, it was a lesson in courage - defying what I have been taught and standing up for what I believe in - me.

In the book, The Untethered Soul by Michael Singer, I learnt that, if you truly know who you are and know that you are unbounded and your true essence is love, nothing would disturb you.

This conversation disturbed my heart. The lesson, an opportunity to discover a new level of wholeness.


Day 278: Daring to know better

 When you know better, you do better. 

- Maya Angelou

I had this idea of the type of "mum" I was going to be.

I had a list of all the things I would accept, things that I wouldn't condone, and preconceptions about motherhood.

Parenting is a two way relationship and all the viewpoints that I had prior to Avery entering our lives didn't take into consideration what was important to him; my initial viewpoints were all based on what I thought was important to him and what was important to me.

What was important to him from his world had not entered my mind. 

Before Avery I thought;

"It's ok to let babies cry..we can teach them patience."

"Let's teach the baby to get use to our schedule. We can still go out and they can adapt."

The above were just some of the initial thoughts based on no experience of being a mother. I demonstrated the quality of ignorance and arrogance beautifully. 

I started reading and doing research of the needs of a baby, their development, and what they need to thrive. I went back on my thoughts, I let go of the mindset I originally had. I started 'knowing better' and equipping myself with the knowledge to create the space for Avery to thrive - from his world.

It takes vulnerability to admit fault, and it takes courage to say "What I initially thought no longer works - I am willing to let it go."

To dare greatly is to be open to the lessons and the learnings, to know that we are always evolving, and to believe in the magic of being a student.

To dare greatly is to embrace not knowing, to be ok with not having all the answers, and letting go of the need to control.

I feel wholehearted as a mother and a parent to Avery. I feel our relationship is wholehearted. We are learning and growing together, and from one another.


Day 43: Daring to ask, and ask again... and again... 

If you don't ask, you'll never know. The worse that can happen is a "no". Then life goes on.

In the game of living a remarkable life, and creating a business that makes a difference, or any business or venture - I know the creation isn't possible without remarkable people around you. 

The remarkable ventures that are created in this universe are all produced by collective minds. One person may have come up with an idea.. and it takes a team, it takes relationships, it takes extraordinary collective consciousness to have the idea transition into reality.

There are very few handcrafted businesses in Australia that have created a successful business; and are still manufacturing in Australia. I have been contacting the owner of this successful design business since the beginning of the year. They have done, what I am attempting; and they have done it successfully.

We have exchanged a few emails earlier this year and the founder agreed to generously meet me; and it never happened as I didn't hear back from a confirmation of time and date. 

It would have been easy to let it go. However, I had to ask one more time. I conjured up the courage inside, and made contact again.

I let go of the attachment to the result, and through this action, I could relate to myself as someone that didn't give up. That's what matters most. To be relentless in the pursuit, and to always show up. To know myself as someone that had the courage to go for what I wanted and ask for help. 

In the game of Daring Greatly, I have discovered that it pulls for us to step outside our comfort zone bit-by-bit; and exercise that muscle of courage. A day at a time - and every day counts.

Daring to ask, and ask again.... and again. If you don't ask, you'll never know.


What have you been afraid to ask for?


Day 30: Daring to master my "attention"

Lately, I have noticed I started loosing focus on the bigger picture, the bigger possibility, and the bigger vision.

I have instead directed the focus on falling short, comparing, and buying into other people's opinions and beliefs.

When one's dreams and purpose are big, larger than life, and occur as impossible - Fear is there.

The bigger the dream, the bigger the fear.

Fear seduces one's focus. When one's Focus succumbs to Fears' seduction, it is a messy whirlwind of procrastination, doubt, inaction, and second-guessing.

Progress is stagnant. 

The cost; the experience of being alive.

We are most alive when we are taking action towards that which makes our heart sing. We are most alive when we are taking action against our ego. We are most alive when we are building our dreams and contributing to realising our bigger purpose.

In a meditation today from the Chopra Centre, I realised how my "attention" and focus has been wavering. The good news, is that I'm now aware of this gap - Inside of awareness, I have mental clarity and have the self-belief that I have the power to alter this.

Mastering focus, mastering attention - Mastering my thoughts. 

In the world of Daring Greatly and exploring what it is to live a wholehearted life, "attention" and "focus" plays a huge role. Being attentive and focus, will allow energy to be directed and contributed to what fills our soul. Without attention and focus, the experience of living, is far from being wholehearted for something would always be missing or we would feel we are falling short.

Daring to master my "attention" - and believing I can master my focus.


What makes your heart sing? What fuels your soul? Are your attention and energy directed to those areas that are important to you? 


Day 12: daring to know happiness is within - always

There is the pursuit of happiness... and there is being happy.

The realm of "The pursuit" is the world of chasing, following, something in the future, somewhere to get, one day some day.

The realm of "Being" is the world of being in the here and now, knowing that it is within my power, it is possible to be manifested right now, it is choice. 

Today was the 1st day of the Chopra Centre Expanding Your Happiness 21 day meditation series.

Post meditation, we reflect on what we discover for ourselves during the meditation. One of the reflection questions was; "Where do you think happiness comes from?"

As I enquire into this, I realised in my being, that happiness, pure happiness, is an emotion, created, chosen, and manifested from within. No matter the external events.

I am pure happiness when I allow myself to own the experience of being enough, and knowing that love is within me. 

When I bathe in the experience of love; giving and accepting - happiness arises. 

When my heart is full... When I say my heart is full... When I am in the present moment allowing my heart to be full - happiness arises. 

Happiness is within. Happiness is a choice. 

It was the first time I got to see happiness from a new perspective. 

In the world of mastering the art of living wholeheartedly and practicing Daring Greatly; to know that happiness is a choice and an experience within my creation is another access into this magnificent world. 


Are you in the game of "the pursuit of happiness"? Or are you in the game of "being happy?" Do you rely on external events, or those around you to allow yourself to be happy? Is your happiness in the hands of others or your own?




day 46: daring to seek security within

Today was the start of a new 21 day meditation challenge created by the Chopra Centre for Meditation

This series of meditation is about 'Finding your Flow'.

Today's guided meditation was about security; the intention was to waken the flow of security.

We all have the the basic need to feel safe. Without it, life feels insecure and stress magnifies with insecurity.

We have also have a code of stability inside that we can return to throughout the ups and downs of everyday life.

Once you experience this safe place inside, you have found the flow of security.

The core of yourself that isn't shaken by outer events.

Centred in this place, you can access a sense of safety and security even if you have a bad day or facing a personal challenge.

It was the first time I heard 'security' created as such a phenomena. My experience of stress has been heightened as of late and peace has been missing. I have been worried about the business and worried about whether it will all work out and whether I have made the right choice. I am worried about failure and worried about not knowing what to do next.

This meditation came at a perfect time.

"What would it be like if I only measured my sense of self and security from within?"

It takes courage and vulnerability to trust yourself, to be secure in yourself and to back yourself up irrespective of the circumstances around you. 

It takes courage and vulnerability to let the armour go, to no longer play in the game of wanting to control life, and take chances. 

Daring to seek security within. Daring to know that security is always within. 

Being vulnerable within myself to surrender and let go of the need for certainty and validation; to experience the fullness of life based on how much my heart sings; rather than external accomplishments or lack thereof....

... and to know, that security only exists within. 


What worry or fear can you let go of? What would seeking security within yourself enable?