about 1000 days of daring greatly

"1000 days of Daring Greatly" is a personal project by Yummii

The project is based on the book; "Daring Greatly" by Brene Brown

For 1000 days, Yummii has set out to take action and be in the arena of her life. She is to discover the realm of Daring Greatly.

Her journey is about discovering courage, vulnerability, and ultimately, mastering the art of living wholeheartedly - and being wholehearted.

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Day 291: Daring to see my own humanity in another

I will let other people down.

I will do things, say things, take actions that may cause upset, misunderstanding, and frustration - and I may not even know it. 

This is my humanity.

Other people will do things, say things, take actions where I will be upset, frustrated, and it was never their intention.

This is their humanity.

We are human beings.

We don't wake up every morning with the goal of being a jerk or hurting another. 

At our core, we are love. At our core, we are kind. 

... And although our heart may be covered in thick layers of disappointment, resentment, cynicism - the heart is there.

Our capacity to see another's humanity is dependant on how we embrace our own humanity. 

The extent of our kindness and willingness to be open to another has a direct relationship on the kindness and openness we give to ourselves.


I had referred a friend's business to my family except the friend didn't follow through and take the appropriate course of action. This impacted my family and I reacted with frustration and anger. I called to find out what happened - the phone call ended badly.

This was the 2nd time that something happened where I felt that he had acted out of integrity and didn't follow through.

The next day, he requested to have a call to clear things up. I was in two minds. Ignore it and be righteous, or be generous and create the space to be open and willing.

It would have been easy to ignore it and be righteous - this would have been the coward choice.

I put myself in his shoes thinking it would have taken a lot of courage to request this phone call. 

I accepted his request. This phone call reminded me of our humanity. That we all make mistakes. In the moments of making mistakes, we can bring compassion, empathy, and be bold to make a stand and hold another accountable.

How do you bring kindness and empathy when you are upset and angry at another's action? How do you see their humanity, and hold them accountable?

Bring "generosity".

Be generous. Be generous with myself - allow myself to feel the anger. Be generous with the other - be willing to hear and listen to their side of the story .... It is possible to be generous, hold another accountable, and be responsible for my own reaction.

I believe if one is wholehearted, one is able to hold another accountable and do it with kindness. When one is wholehearted, one can reconcile the experience of anger or frustration and be open and generous.

When one is wholehearted, we are compassionate to the experience of being human. We know in every fiber or our being that we are all connected - and that at our core, we are love. 

We choose to see another's humanity for our own wellbeing. Not to be a good person or be the one that takes the higher road; we do it for ourselves. This is cultivating wholehearted living. 

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