about 1000 days of daring greatly

"1000 days of Daring Greatly" is a personal project by Yummii

The project is based on the book; "Daring Greatly" by Brene Brown

For 1000 days, Yummii has set out to take action and be in the arena of her life. She is to discover the realm of Daring Greatly.

Her journey is about discovering courage, vulnerability, and ultimately, mastering the art of living wholeheartedly - and being wholehearted.

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Day 292: Daring to see greatness

I'm imagining the following scenarios.

Avery is 10 years old. He shares with me a desire to become a professional soccer player. He comes home from school one day and is upset - he didn't make the school soccer team. He wants to give up.

Avery is 19 years old. He has fallen in love. He is smitten and head over heals. His girlfriend doesn't feel the same way and breaks up with him. He tells me he feels unlovable, and not enough. 

Avery is 30 years old. He shares with me that he has always wanted to write a book. He wants to make a career out of writing. He has written a draft copy of a book that was sent to publishers - they all rejected his book. He tells me he feels defeated and a failure. 

How does a parent respond? 

When I look at Avery, as a parent, I see his greatness. I see his potential. I want him to know that he is worthy, that he is lovable, that he is enough. That failure of an outcome doesn't mean that he is a failure. 

It is easy as a parent to see the greatness and magnificence that lives within our child. 

In each of the above scenarios, I would hold his face, and tell him; "You are loved. You are enough. You have everything you need to create magic in this world. You are worthy."

What I'm learning from being a parent is that our children will only trust our words, if we trust our words for our own self. 

We can only see their greatness, if we see our own greatness. We can only empower them to be courageous, if we are courageous. We can inspire them to be vulnerable, if we ourselves, are inspired to be vulnerable. 

Greatness, begets greatness. 

Daring to see greatness - This is courage. This is wholehearted living. 


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